Motor Show

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Targeterd Platform

This will be the best Place to Buy and sell your vehicle related products and servises

Marketing Plan

Targeted TV Advertisements and trailers,Newspaper advertistment,Bus Branding,Social media marketing such as facebook campagin etc.

Event Tour

Most Exclusive motor vehicle Exhibition In Sri Lanka

CEC Events Motor show is the one of true form of permission marketing where vehicleowners actually invest for the opportunity to compare and buy your products and services.

CEC Events Motor show provides a unique face-to-face opportunity for consumers to experience and interact with your product / service and to hear directly from your staff the exact, unfiltered message you want deliverd.


Unique stunning promotions

In this marketting plan we are promotion the CEC Events Motor show in many ways such as
► TV advertistments
► Leafelet camapagin
► Email marketing campagins
► Social media marketing
► Newspaper advertisitments
► Bus branding
and many more.
we will guaranteed more than 45000+ target visitors in this exhibitions.


Objective of Motor show

We are very proud to inform that we were the exhibition organizer who organized the Motor Car and Motor Accessories show at grand level with over 70,000 crowd turn over visiting every year. Our objective was to bring the industry up without further collapse and finally, we succeeded the event with very high potentials to its participants.


Special events on the premises

"Events in motorshow" to improve the visitors entertainment to make it a Memorable show we have organized game shows / bike stunt shows/vintage car shows/4X4 Jeep stunts and many more.

Colombo - BMICH


The Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall being the very first purpose built convention center in Asia combines the best of professional conference facilities with the once in a life time opportunity to visit an island known as the paradise on earth - Sri Lanka!.